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    Licensed Course

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    Combing our Vision and Hearing modules, the WeFlex Senses Package provides you with information, skills and considerations to be a more inclusive fitness professional, particularly when working with Vision and Hearing impaired clients.

    Hearing - Clients who are Deaf or hard of hearing typically require more considered and adaptive communication. And it’s not that hard! In this module we learn about hearing loss, different communication strategies as well as a crash course on Auslan by a Deaf, accredited instructor. 

    Vision - Being blind or low vision is not a barrier to exercising and achieving your goals. It simply requires the fitness professional t up their communication game and adapt. This module unpacks some of the myths of vision loss, explores the different types of vision loss and provides tools to appropriately support these clients. 

    To see how you can support clients who are blind or low vision or working with hearing loss, be sure to check this module out.

    Learning Outcomes

    WeFlex Senses Package

    About the Author

    Inclusion is at the heart of WeFlex - through inclusive health and fitness they aim to improve the length and quality of life for those living with disability. We all know the power of regular exercise and improved fitness and it’s their mission to help connect people with unique needs to the immense benefits that the fitness and health industry has to offer.



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