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    Licensed Course

    Course Overview

    Combing our Behaviours of Concern module and Sensory Needs module, the WeFlex ASD Package provides you with information, skills and considerations to be a more inclusive fitness professional.

    Behaviours of Concern - Behaviour is communication, and for some clients a more expressive and effective way of communicating needs - especially for those who aren’t verbal communicators. 
    This module unpacks the nature of behaviours of concern, and how you can appropriately respond to it, whilst keeping your client happy, engaged and safe. 

    Sensory Needs - We ALL have sensory needs and preferences. But for clients who have trouble regulating sensory input, it can be the difference between an engaging experience and a stressful one. This module explores sensory processing difficulties in clients, debunks some myths and provides you with tools you need to provide a sensory friendly experience for your client.

    Learning Outcomes

    WeFlex ASD Package

    About the Author

    Inclusion is at the heart of WeFlex - through inclusive health and fitness they aim to improve the length and quality of life for those living with disability. We all know the power of regular exercise and improved fitness and it’s their mission to help connect people with unique needs to the immense benefits that the fitness and health industry has to offer.



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