The View from Upside Down - A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering the Handstand


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    Farkas Pungur




    2.5 HOURS

    Course Type

    Licensed Course

    Course Overview

    ‘The view from upside down – a step-by-step guide to mastering the handstand’ has been designed for fitness professionals who want to learn, design and include handstands in their client’s training program. The teaching steps will help trainers minimise risk of injury and maximise the performance of their clients by exploring the principles and biomechanics of the handstand, and explaining how structural muscles support each other.

    You’ll learn to:

    • Explore the principles and biomechanics of the handstand 
    • Understand how structural muscles support each other
    • Explore functional anatomy of the upper body, the importance of core stability and how functional training supports overall wellbeing
    • Understand the planning that goes on when preparing for personal training or small group training for handstands  
    • Explore a postural assessment and screening for shoulder and core stability, flexibility of the shoulder and flexibility of the hip for teaching handstands
    • Learn strength exercises for shoulder and core stability and apply modifications where necessary 
    • Explore progression and regression of handstand moves for better and safe outcome

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon successful completion, course participants will:

    • Have an understanding of the teaching principles of the handstand
    • Learn each stepping stones and implement it to your program according to your client’s needs, goals, pre-existing injury and physical ability
    • Apply functional training to plan and deliver a basic handstand session for overall conditioning in a safe, effective and informative way
    • Apply functional anatomy and movement mechanics for functional-based exercises
    • Plan teaching techniques for individual clients, based on their posture, mobility and strength
    • Understand how to teach movement patterns for clients, exploring shoulder stability, control, mobility, balance, strength and modify their program if needed
    • How to use the variety of equipment in your fitness club to teach different styles of learning

    About the Author

    Farkas Pungur has been in gymnastics for over 40 years as a competitor, international performer and international level gymnastics coach. He has completed his master’s degree in Physical Education, with a Bachelor in Gymnastics/Sport Coaching and also holds a Diploma in Fitness.

    He currently works with Gymnastics QLD as a presenter and sport development contractor in different gymnastics disciplines. He also assists in the development of personal trainers in local fitness clubs and has presented functional movement-based courses at conventions such as FILEX 2017.

    You might also recognise Farkas as a competitor on Ninja Warrior Australia, Season 1 and 2.



    Access Period

    CEC Expiry Date: 06/09/2024. In order to obtain AusActive CECs, this course must be completed by the CEC Expiry Date.

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