The Sitting Disease: Health Consequences of a Sedentary Lifestyle


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    Graham Fletcher




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    Course Overview

    The Sitting Disease and Sedentary Death Syndrome (SeDs) are two terms that we are going to become very familiar with in the next few years in the health and fitness industry. What many don’t see in today’s modern, convenient lifestyles, are the negative health and wellbeing effects that come with spending most of our days in a seated position. As professionals in the health and fitness industry, being aware of the acute characteristics and consequences relating to a sedentary lifestyle is important, with many of our clients likely to experience sedentary lifestyles outside of the gym.

    This course will explore in detail the issues related to sedentary lifestyles, the specific effects they have on the body, and how to use this information when working with your clients.

    Let’s do what we can to help everybody live longer, move better and enjoy better health and wellbeing.

    Learning Outcomes

    • An understanding of the issues related to sedentary lifestyles
    • The effects of being seated for long durations on the body
    • An understanding of how these issues affect posture, the muscular system, movement mechanics, the skeletal system, metabolism, circulation and cardiovascular health
    • Knowledge in utilisation stretching and activation to help counter seated posture imbalances
    • Knowledge of recommendations and suggestions for your clients to be less sedentary
    • An understanding of how to incorporate this new information into your program with clients

    About the Author

    Graham’s passion for health, movement and wellbeing has encompassed 18 years of experience working in the fitness industry. His experience involves management of teams of personal trainers, as well as being owner and operator of his own personal training business. Since 2014, Graham has shared his wealth of knowledge and experience as a Trainer and Assessor, dedicated to the education and success of a new generation of Personal Trainers.

    Before entering the fitness industry, Graham worked as a professional ballet dancer travelling and performing around the world with various companies for 13 years. Graham holds genuine and ongoing appreciation for movement quality, mechanics and posture alignment; an area of expertise he continues to share with his clients, helping them move better and maintain high levels of health and wellbeing.



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    CEC Expiry Date: 30/01/2026. In order to obtain AusActive CECs, this course must be completed by the CEC Expiry Date.

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