The Art of Buying and Selling an Active Lifestyle


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    Lahnee Castro




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    Course Overview

    The big question for many clients who are just beginning to invest in their health and fitness is: why lead an active lifestyle?

    As a fitness professional, you will inevitably meet many like-minded individuals who are passionate about promoting active lifestyles. However, for many beginner clients, this thought and belief may not come as naturally. You have a great opportunity here to introduce, engage and motivate clients to begin - and continue - an active lifestyle.

    In this short course, you will gain an understanding of what is known as low involvement decision making processes.  From this understanding you can develop techniques to create awareness of active living, and also gain insight into marketing considerations that can be used to encourage consumer involvement.

    Learning Outcomes

    • An understanding of what drives consumer motivation and involvement
    • How clients buy more than just a feeling through 10 different involvement options
    • No-cost ideas for building a brand
    • A guide to effective pricing strategies for use in every business
    • A general overview on client retention strategies

    About the Author

    Lahnee entered the fitness industry in 2005, and has never left since! Eager to help individuals look, move and feel better about their body, health and wellness, Lahnee finished her studies and joined a premium, Brisbane-based health club as a membership consultant, before levelling up into management positions at various gyms where she oversaw club operations for nearly 7 years.

    With real-world experience under her belt, Lahnee was keen to share her wisdom and insights with others looking to work in the health and fitness industry. Starting every day with boundless enthusiasm and energy, Lahnee began empowering and coaching thousands of individuals to success as a Personal Trainers in 2015 with the Australian Institute of Fitness. Now leading the delivery of online training qualifications in fitness, business and basic nutrition, Lahnee has been pivotal in the success of online personal training and fitness education programs delivered by the AIF in Australia.



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    CEC Expiry Date: 30/01/2026. In order to obtain AusActive CECs, this course must be completed by the CEC Expiry Date.

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