Practical Applications of Endurance Programming


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    Brodie Hicks




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    Course Overview

    This course is designed to match science with the practical ‘how to’ of endurance programming. Coaches and PTs who develop an understanding of the scientific principles underpinning endurance training will be able to readily assist clients with endurance-based fitness goals.  The course breaks down the physiological components of endurance training; sheds light on the different classifications of endurance; outlines key factors that affect endurance ability; provides practical training applications for endurance training; and highlights the importance of long term programming for endurance training. 

    Upon completion, you will be able to understand, breakdown, program, and deliver appropriate training for clients with an endurance-based goal.

    Learning Outcomes

    • A detailed understanding of the physiology that governs endurance-based exercise
    • Knowledge of the different types of endurance that exist, including the key factors that affect endurance capacity
    • An understanding of typical endurance-based events that clients will be performing, to assist in guiding appropriate training application
    • An understanding of key practical training elements based on scientific research to apply when working with clients
    • A breakdown of how to create appropriate periodised training plans for your endurance-based client

    About the Author

    With his background in Strength and Conditioning, Brodie Hicks has coached multiple semi-professional & professional athletes in Australia over the last 7+ years, whilst also working to improve training and vocational outcomes within the fitness industry in his role as General Manager of Training at the Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF).

    Brodie brings a raft of knowledge and experience to the health and fitness industry, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Movement Science, as well as a Masters Degree in High Performance Sport. Brodie is also a Level 2 ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association.

    In addition to his work at the AIF, Brodie also manages a coaching business, Performance Evolved Australia, and is Master Coach and Program Director of an interstate boutique group training studio, bringing his extensive strength and conditioning knowledge to the group training world.



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