Posture & Biomechanics


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    Course Overview

    At goXpro we are as excited as you are about posture! We’re passionate about building 100% individualised training programs for clients that address their strengths, weaknesses and individual goals. With the Posture and Biomechanics skills gained in this course and on successful completion of the final assessment, you will be recognised by goXpro as a ‘Posture & Biomechanics Coach’.

    As a Posture & Biomechanics Coach you’ll be able to identify postural strengths and imbalances in your clients and then incorporate prehabilitation exercises into a training plan to avoid future injury. This process all starts with a pre-exercise screening and goal setting questionnaire that can be completed online or in-club. The built-in questionnaire uncovers critical information about your client’s health and fitness as well as their training goals. You then select a specific set of evaluations designed to give you the necessary information about your client’s body composition and/or postural strengths and weaknesses, this allows you to consistently deliver the most individualised training programs.

    The ‘Posture & Biomechanics Course‘ is a series of six (6) modules to support the understanding, use and application of the goXpro Elite software tool and app. This training aims to orientate the learner with the software and transfer a sound understanding of the principles that underpin the platform, particularly its approach to client engagement, through a series of packaged client health, fitness and wellness assessments and postural observations.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Once you have completed the ‘Posture & Biomechanics Course’ you will be able to:

      • Observe static posture to ensure safe exercise technique for clients and encourage healthy posture.
      • Assess client movement and exercise capacity to encourage correct movement patterns.
      • Help prevent injuries by identifying postural weaknesses.
      • Build 100% individualised programs based on postural strengths, weaknesses and client goals.
      • Track client results.
      • Progress and regress exercises with ease.

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    We believe in challenging the standard approach of “one size fits all” Personal Training. We do this with a very stylish and simple to use Personal Training success platform, that allows you to run your entire PT business from your iPad… It also just happens to make you a better trainer.




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