Pilates for Pregnancy


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    Stephanie Glickman




    3 HOURS

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    Network Original

    Course Overview

    Pilates for Pregnancy is targeted at Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors who want to learn how to incorporate pregnancy-related matwork exercises into their current training. This is the brand new, updated version of our previous Pilates for Fitness & Pregnancy course.

    IMPORTANT: This course is NOT a qualification to become a Pilates instructor. The content is geared towards instructors and personal trainers who would like to add Pilates-based principles to their current training repertoire.

    In this course you’ll:

    • Explore the different stages of pregnancy
    • Learn the physiological changes of pregnancy
    • Understand benefits of exercise during pregnancy
    • Learn the conditions that preclude a pregnant woman from exercising
    • Learn to modify exercises for different stages of pregnancy
    • Understand how to program Pilates exercises for pregnant women in each trimester
    • Learn specific exercise contraindications for each trimester
    • Understand the principles of Pilates breathing

    Learning Outcomes

    • By the end of the course you will:

      • Be familiar with 31 exercises and variations and, when appropriate, regressions, suitable for the average healthy pregnant woman
      • Understand the physiological changes that pregnancy creates
      • Be able to modify for various fitness levels and abilities within a pregnant population
      • Be able to identify signs that suggest a pregnant woman should cease exercising.

    About the Author

    Stephanie has been teaching Pilates since 2004 and established Armature (Brunswick, Victoria) in 2006. Armature combines Pilates with Strength training, across group and individual sessions.

    A former Stott Pilates Instructor Trainer, Stephanie now lectures on Pilates and Clinical Pilates for Breathe Education. She is certified through Stott Pilates, Breathe Education, Pilates ITC and Polestar Pilates. She regularly presents nationally at fitness and Pilates conferences, usually around her favourite topic – the fusion of Pilates and Strength training.


    It is recommended that students should hold at least a Certificate III in Fitness or Certificate IV in Fitness or equivalent.

    Access Period

    CEC Expiry Date: 29/09/2024. In order to obtain AusActive CECs, this course must be completed by the CEC Expiry Date.

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