Inclusive Programming Principles


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    1 HOURS

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    Licensed Course

    Course Overview

    These aren’t your typical clients - and effective programming will require adaptability and creativity - which is half the fun. 

    In this module we give you the tools to modify and prepare a session program for a client with unique needs. 

    Preparation is key - and so is this module.

    Learning Outcomes

    Learn about adapting your programming and how to apply it to your clients' abilities and goals.
    Discover the TREE principle and how to apply it to your training sessions.
    Understand how to build and adapt your programs in almost any situation including troubleshooting.

    About the Author

    Inclusion is at the heart of WeFlex - through inclusive health and fitness they aim to improve the length and quality of life for those living with disability. We all know the power of regular exercise and improved fitness and it’s their mission to help connect people with unique needs to the immense benefits that the fitness and health industry has to offer.



    Access Period

    CEC Expiry Date: 05/04/2025. Lifetime access to course content. In order to obtain AusActive CECs, this course must be completed by the CEC Expiry Date

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