Improving Mental Health In Scope


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    Dr Cam McDonald




    1.5 HOURS

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    Course Overview

    Mental health is considered one of the most significant disease burdens on earth. A diagnosis of a mental condition is currently sitting at 1 in 5 individuals, with significantly higher numbers of individuals experiencing sub-clinical mental health symptoms.

    The normal work of a fitness professional can profoundly influence individual mental health in a number of fundamental ways that can support the psychotherapeutic methodology of psychologists, counsellors, social workers and others in scope to work with mental health conditions.

    The physical health of the body influences the health of the brain and the mental state that ensues.

    This session will take you through a practical and detailed understanding of all of the above, provide you real and practical tools you can use immediately and also show you how you can understand why some people may or may not respond to your support.

    The session presents a refreshing take on mental health and empowers people to improve it through lifestyle and awareness of individual preferences.

    Learning Outcomes

    By completing this course, you will gain:

    • An understanding of the definitions of great and poor mental health
    • An overview of the physical pathways that alter brain function and mood
    • An overview of how nutrition, exercise, sleep and other factors influence mental health
    • An understanding of how this may differ between people
    • Know how differences appear in development and how this influences brain, body and mind

    About the Author

    Dr Cam McDonald has spent the last decade furthering his knowledge and skills so as to promote health in a way that makes it easy and obvious for clients. He blends his background as a dietitian and exercise physiologist, with his long-standing personal interest in health and passion for understanding the latest research in genetics and environmental influence on health. He completed his PhD at the University of Queensland, studying the effects of nutrition and exercise on body composition and inflammation.



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    CEC Expiry Date: 10/04/2025. In order to obtain AusActive CECs, this course must be completed by the CEC Expiry Date.

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