Chronobiology: Optimal Timing for Best Results


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    Dr Cam McDonald




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    Course Overview

    Everything in our body is governed by time. 

    As a result of the sun rising and setting each day, our body sets itself up for different types of activity at different times of day. In the course of one day, hormones change and fluctuate, your muscle activity changes, and your metabolism adjusts and changes. 

    These changes have a DRAMATIC effect on your clients’ results. It can literally stop weight loss while on a low-calorie diet, or turn exercise into something that worsens blood sugar levels, instead of improving it. These changes mean that a lot of the effort your clients have put in could yield no results, simply because you hadn’t considered one critical factor… chronobiology. 

    Chronobiology looks at how our biology interacts with time. This course is a foundational learning resource that will help you understand its key principles, how it can affect your program prescription, and how you can start to navigate around it, using right assessments and programs for the right person.

    This is an area of science with thousands of years of history, yet only now are we truly understanding its full power. Without this understanding, personal training, nutrition, sleep and even medications can be rendered ineffective, and the practitioner is left wondering, ‘what happened’. It’s time to bring some certainty and understanding back to your clients results - this is the resource to do that!

    Learning Outcomes

    • By completing this course, you will:

      • Understand the core principles of chronobiology and the impact of timing on the body
      • Understand the impact of timing on nutrition, exercise, sleep, motivation
      • Know the chronotypes and how they influence optimal timing for activities through the day
      • Know the assessment process for chronotypes 
      • Understand how the chronotype insights can be applied through case studies
      • Understand embryological development and how it influences development of chronotype
      • Understand how different chronotypes navigate one day in a way that creates synchrony with their peripheral and central clocks
      • Know how flow and chronobiology can be intertwined

    About the Author

    Dr Cam McDonald has spent the last decade furthering his knowledge and skills so as to promote health in a way that makes it easy and obvious for clients. He blends his background as a dietitian, exercise physiologist, with his long-standing personal interest in health, and his passion for understanding the latest research in genetics and environmental influence on health. He completed his PhD at the University of QLD studying the effects of nutrition and exercise on body composition and inflammation.

    Since 2014 he has been an internationally leading practitioner in the application of epigenetics and personalised health. In conjunction with the team from ph360, he has created the world’s leading personalised health education program for health professionals. Speaking internationally, running corporate wellness programs and supporting educational bodies in delivering and practising personalised learning, his driving purpose is to support health professionals to live their potential so that they can support others to do the same.



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