A-Z of Program Design: Maximal Aerobic Speed


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    Thomas Stringwell




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    Course Overview

    Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS) based intervals is a unique metabolic conditioning training methodology as it allows for intervals to be pre-set to a percentage of an athlete’s vVO2max or MAS. Hence, the programmed MAS intervals are specific to an individual with a specific pre-determined speed, rather than being set to a pre-set work-to-rest ratio only. MAS training is now regularly applied within strength and conditioning practice, with previous research demonstrating significant improvements not only in aerobic performance but also in concurrent anaerobic performance measures (Dupont et al, 2004). 

    Before implementing MAS-based intervals within athlete preparation, an athlete’s 100% MAS must be first established, with the selected MAS testing method being highly dependent upon the athlete's chosen sport. Once an athlete's MAS score has been established, the strength and conditioning coach must decide what percentage of MAS an athlete will be trained at, the duration of each planned interval, the number of times the interval will be performed and how the MAS training will be periodised over the training mesocycle. Therefore, the aim of this short bite-sized course is to provide coaches with a greater level of clarity on the correct periodisation and programming of MAS training.

    Over four modules, the concepts of MAS testing, MAS testing considerations, MAS programming and periodisation, and group MAS training strategies are explored. MAS mesocycle design, micro-cycle design, and the periodisation of MAS using a linear and undulating model are all explained, with working examples provided in real-world coaching practice. 

    Learning Outcomes

    At the completion of this course, you will understand:

    • The bioenergetic systems and they relate to aerobic and anaerobic performance, including desired training adaptations that occur as a result of MAS training
    • How to test for MAS, and the additional factors which should be considered when testing for Maximal Aerobic Speed
    • How to correctly program and implement submaximal, maximal and supramaximal MAS training, using varying MAS training methods including the EuroFit, Grid, and Tabata MAS training methods
    • How to correctly periodised and implement MAS training within a pre-season and in-season training phase
    • How to correctly periodised and implement MAS training within speed and agility training, technical / tactical training and as a stand alone session

    About the Author

    My name is Thomas Stringwell and I am the founder of Your Gym Sports Performance Ltd, an education provider that specialises in the fields of strength and conditioning and sports science. I am an accredited strength and conditioning coach with the UKSCA. Currently, I provide performance consultancy services across a range of sports including rugby union, rugby league, soccer, handball, boxing, mixed martial arts, BMX supercross, strength sports and Youth Athletic Development.   

    I hold an MSc in Sports Biomechanics (Loughborough University), a 1st class honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science (Manchester Metropolitan University) and a Certificate in Education teaching degree (Huddersfield University), with future ambitions of completing a PhD within the field of motor learning, constraints-based learning and non-linear pedagogy.

    I have a real passion for education and coach development, having both coached and taught within the fields of strength and conditioning and health and fitness for over a decade. I am a lifelong strength sports enthusiast, having competed both in Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting at a national level, with a genuine drive to support and educate coaches throughout our industry.        

    Your Gym Sports Performance prides itself on educational excellence, providing evidence-based education to aspiring sports and fitness professionals, whilst supporting practitioners throughout their coaching journey. Our Strength and Conditioning educational pathway enables sports and fitness practitioners to progress within their professional arena, providing coaches with the necessary skill set to apply performance training within their current practice. We aim to inspire and motivate coaches to develop as professionals, creating a lifelong learning experience that assists practitioners beyond the completion of their course, whilst raising the standard of sports performance education within the health and fitness sector.



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    CEC Expiry Date: 08/03/2025. In order to obtain AusActive CECs, this course must be completed by the CEC Expiry Date.

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