A Step-By-Step Guide to Resistance Training Program Design


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    Ellyn Johnson




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    Course Overview

    This course will take you through fundamental concepts that govern the prescription of a resistance training program. First, we’ll discuss what resistance exercise is, as well as the benefits of this training style. We will then delve into the key training principles that govern program design, discuss the program variables required within a program, and explore how these can be manipulated to achieve a particular outcome. We will finish by discussing the logical structure of a resistance program and what components should be included within the program itself, from start-to-finish. Finally, we will take all of the information we’ve learned and create a step-by-step approach to designing a resistance program.

    NOTE: A basic understanding of the major systems of the body is recommended before completing this course, particularly the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Resistance training adaptations and health benefits
    • Conducting a client needs analysis and pre-screening
    • The key principles underpinning training
    • The program variables within a resistance program
    • How to structure a program from start-to-finish
    • The basics of periodisation  

    About the Author

    Ellyn is a qualified Exercise Scientist with a background in youth Strength and Conditioning. She holds a Bachelor degree in Science and a Bachelor degree in Exercise and Sports Science from UQ. She has previously worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for Academy level athletes at the Brisbane Lions Football Club. She continues to work in a casual 1-on-1 capacity with her own PT clients with a range of different goals, from body composition goals to recreational endurance athletes.

    In addition to her S&C experience, Ellyn works as an Online Coach at the Australian Institute of Fitness. Here she lectures and provides support for new Personal Trainers entering the industry, training and assessing individuals working through their Certificate III and IV in Fitness qualifications.


    A basic understanding of the major systems of the body - particularly the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems - is recommended before completing this course.

    Access Period

    CEC Expiry Date: 30/01/2026. In order to obtain AusActive CECs, this course must be completed by the CEC Expiry Date.

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